Interreligieus dialoogweekend

You are invited

  • to meet  students of different religious background and make new friends,
  • to visit a prayer in a synagogue, a mosque and a church,
  • to learn about other religions and about your own faith,
  • to understand the principles of dialogue,
  • to experience religious diversity in a big city,
  • to reflect about your own contribution as an agent of peace through dialogue.


Friday 6 February

18.00    arrival at the City Monastery address: Westeinde 101, Den Haag

18.30    dinner

19.00    introduction

21.00    documentary ‘Jerusalem’ (a city holy to three religions) at Omniversum

Saturday 7 February

8.00    Islamic morning prayer

8.30    breakfast

9.15    introduction into the City Monastery and the garden of beliefs

10.30    attending a service at the synagogue and discussion

13.00    lunch at a dialogue centre Dialoog Haaglanden

13.30    workshop ‘History of dialogue’ in the Netherlands

15.00    attending service at a mosque and discussion

17.00    workshop ‘What is dialogue? Why dialogue?’

19.00    attending service at the Martha church

20.30    dinner

21:15    looking back at the day

22:00    inter-religious peace meditation

Sunday 8 February

8:00     morning prayer

8.30     breakfast

9.15     session ‘Possibilities for dialogue in my own situation’, evaluation

10.30    end of the program


Contribution  €10 (Travel expenses will be refunded.)

What you should bring

  • an open mind
  • your OV chipcard to travel to the Ominversum
  • a pen and paper

How to sign up

Fill in the registration form below and send it to Waltraut Stroh, wfstroh@xs4all.nl

Registration form

Full name:


E-mail Address:






You will receive a confirmation and more detailed information about the traveling.


We are looking forward to welcoming you in The Hague.

The organisors:

Alper Alasag, Platform INS

Father Avin, International Student Chaplaincy

Waltraut Stroh, International Student Chaplaincy